“The musicianship is sterling and the tunes are gorgeous…Track 4: Waterfalls features the expert cello playing of Michal Palzewicz. Once more a very traditional, old instrument displays how beautifully it can express contemporary thoughts and sounds.” – Elizabeth Hazel, Facing North, May 2017

“WMCS showcased the remarkable soloists who compose that group….cellist Michal Palzewicz adroitly and with lush tones handled Vivaldi’s Concerto for Cello and Strings, RV 401, achieving in the adagio second movement a lovely suave interaction with Ian Watson’s delicate, understated harpsichord accompaniment.” – John Zeugner, Worcester Telegram & Gazette Reviewer, Nov 18, 2007

Michal’s performances as part of Elsner String Quartet:

“An even younger quartet that keeps getting better is the Elsner String Quartet from Poland…the players’ technique, intonation, and ensemble are excellent; their tone is expressive and flexible, their approach serious…Schubert’s “Quartettsatz” had real drama, tension, contrast of mood, character, and expression. A group worth watching.” – Strings, April 1999

“Their account of Schubert in D Minor was very emotional yet also acutely controlled in every detail.” – Ham & High Series, August 7, 1998

“Friday night’s concert at the Taipei Theater was a joint venture between that institution and the Manhattan School of Music. From the school came the performers – the Elsner Quartet, an exceptional ensemble undergoing final training there.” – Paul Griffiths, The New York Times, September 29, 1998

“The patina that experience can provide was demonstrated, however, by Poland’s Elsner Quartet, which was formed in 1991 but harks back even further – to the Amadeus Quartet sound, in fact – in its stormy intensity.” – Ham & High Series, August 8, 1997

“Perfect precision was evident in the opening bars of Beethoven’s “Harp” quartet, Op. 74, which opened the program. Each player is a virtuoso, but the virtuosity is at the service of the music, This was true of all four – violinists Krzysztof Kuznik and Mateusz Wolski, violist Maurycy Banaszek, and cellist Michal Palzewicz…The afternoon’s highlight was definitely the Schubert work…This was evident at once in the forceful rhythms of the first movement, and again in the demonic fury of the finale. The touching theme of the “Death and the Maiden” song was lyrical and not overdrawn. The variations on it glowed. Yes, this was an example of quartet playing at its best. It was precise and taut but not rigid, reserved but not lacking in tonal beauty – above all, rich in ensemble perfection.” – Arthur Reed, Heritage Villager, November 21, 1997